We ask all contributors to take a moment to read our rules about media managment. In the long term it makes things easier for everyone. Anyone found not complying to these rules may get their account suspended.

  • All media must first be placed in the Media Library.
  • Pictures only please.
  • Files must be in jpeg or png format only
  • All pictures must be exactly 600 pixels wide
  • Title each picture with the movie name, then a hash tag and ascending number. (eg “Born Free #1”)
  • No more than 3 pictures per film
  • All pictures must be still a from the film
  • Any easy way to edit an image you’ve already placed in a post is to hover the mouse over the image (you must be in Visual Mode). Two icons will appear, one to edit the image and one to delete it. To make a picture the thumbnail icon for the review, select the edit icon then choose “Set As Featured Image” and save.
FilmFridays reserves the right to remove any content uploaded to the site, for any reason.
FilmFridays does no claim any ownership of the pictures used in its reviews. The property remains that of the owner concerned and is used purely for illustrative purposes. FilmFridays will gladly remove any such property from the site at the owners behest.


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