The Inbetweeners 2

The Inbetweeners 2 #3I can’t believe it was just over 3 years ago when I reviewed the first Inbetweeners movie. It appeared to be a suitable finale to what was a very popular TV series on UK’s Channel 4. And the film had been a huge success. Then there was rumour and speculation – there was going to be another? But surely they’d have graduated from Uni by now? (Thankfully, the “gap year” saves the mathematical dilemma here) Would it be a sequel too far, outstaying its welcome, desperate to relive some of those golden moments? I held my breath a little before watching this movie.
Well, the characters had moved on and if the first film was a coming of age movie, this was the coming of reality of age. We find our heroes a little jaded by their life experiences, even a little resigned to the anticlimax their new paths had taken them. Will is still the social outcast at Uni, Simon is completely under the thumb of his psychotic girlfriend and Neil still ponders life’s agonizing quandaries such as “How long after a poo do you have to wait before you can have sex?”. They then get an invite from Jay to come to Australia where he is spending his gap year in his inimitable fantasy world of orgies and more orgies. Of course it’s bollocks! But they all go a-travelling down-under for a 3 week holiday and that’s the film in a nutshell.
Everyone I’ve spoken to who has not seen the film voiced the same reservations I mentioned previously. Those who have seen the film, myself now included, found it hilarious. Comedy films by and large come from America and are rarely funny. It’s probably cos I’m British, but Brit-Coms are often hilarious as proved by this film and the recent Alan Partridge film. This month also saw an announcement from Ricky Gervais that he’ll be reprising his role as David Brent next year in a mockumentary film – immediately the alarm bells sounded but maybe, as my reactions to this film proved, those worries are unfounded.
The Inbetweeners 2 #2I also have a confession. Despite my glorious review of the first film, I see I only gave it 3 stars. That must have been the film snob in me. So I’ll make amends with a slightly exaggerated rating this time round in its favour! Great, silly, immature fun!


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