Welcome to FilmFridays.com – This is an independant, completely impartial film review site founded by a couple of Brits who have no professional connections with the movie industry (We wish!). And being British we are also proud of our polite if blunt way with words. Yes, this is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for frank, brutally honest reviews without the pseudo intelligentsia drivel or the “we’re not biased, but they did give us hospitality on a yacht and threatened to end our careers if we didn’t write something favourable!” reviews.
It’s not just the latest releases in the cinema we’ll be reviewing but also DVD’s and classic movies! And we won’t be aiming our guns at just the movie makers! Cinemas themselves throughout the UK will be up for scrutiny, both independents and chains. And we’ll be doing all of this in our spare time, because spare time is something we value and despite the fact that we have enough of it to be able to sit around and watch lots of films including a trip to see the new releases at the cinema most Fridays (hence the name of the blog), we will also let you know if we feel something could be a waste of your time.

How do we choose what films we review?

Our rules are simple. It must be a film we’ve never seen before and must be reviewed within a week of watching. That’s it!

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