Superman: Man Of Steel

Superman #1The trouble with big industries like the music industry and Hollywood studios is that they stick with what works. This lack of adaptation is their Achilles heal. And what’s worse is their stubbornness to believe that they may not always be right. Anyone with a computer can have a crack at making a film or producing music these days. And these people are less dependant on formula as the studios. In other words, their ideas are often original.

The latest in the Superman franchise, this time an offering from Watchmen director Zack Snyder, fails to offer anything original in it’s production. For what is a 3D film, the scenes are often filled to the brim with explosions and fast paced editing that is so intense, it doesn’t permit any form of self orientation which is essential for the viewer to enjoy the 3D aspect. There are too many explosions. There are too many buildings collapsing. There are too many fast-paced edits in the film. It’s as if, since 9/11 and the rise of portable media, movies are desperately trying to reclaim the crown that reality has stolen from them. The onyl time the camera is still is for the headshot dialogue, scripted with the usual trite cliches.

Superman #2This low quality screenplay by David Goyer (with story by him and Batman veteran Christopher Nolan) is presumably why they cast someone like Henry Cavill. He looks amazing which is fine as the acting agenda in this film takes a low priority thanks to every second being interupted by yet another CG special effect. I can see the studio producers sat there with their cigars saying “Give me more explosions, more CG, more, more, more…!” with all the artistic panache of a 60 year old banker bursting into tears whilst singing “All by myself” on the X-Factor! (though the latter would be more fun to watch)

Give me the Richard Donner film any day! At least Terence Stamp’s General Zod didn’t look like Buzz Lightyear on crack!


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