The Hangover – Part 2

When I first saw “The Hangover” back in 2009, I remember being pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. However it’s sequel was exactly what I was expecting, pretty much the same as the first film but in a different place, this time Thailand! They wake up, with a “Hangover”, then piece the night before’s adventures together with the aid of text messages, mobile video and souvenirs like a tattoo on the face. End the film with a montage of photos that someone finds on a camera and which would have deemed the whole movie redundant had they just looked at that to begin with.

Bradley Cooper plays the good looking cool one, Zach Galifianakis plays the insane out of control one (think John Belushi in Animal House) and Ed Helms plays the nerdy victim who needs to get to the church on time. This time round the tiger is replaced by a monkey and Mike Tyson’s cameo is just as shit and cringeworthy as the original. Oh and expect plenty of Thai stereotyping, including drug-dealing monkeys, lady boys and Buddhist monks who could help our heroes but have taken a vow of silence. D’oh!

And any tourist worth they weight in mud should be impressed by how quickly our heroes navigate around the city. Even in a car chase, they know all the back streets and shortcuts. Not bad for 24 hours in Bangkok.

That aside, the film did makes us laugh a couple of times so it shan’t be getting completely crap marks.

The Hangover Part II [DVD] [2011]

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