The Adjustment Bureau

“Wow” I thought. Matt Damon, he of a Bourne Identity with Emily Blunt, English actress (wave flag) of Devil Wears Prada (I preferred “Sunshine Cleaning”) fame – in a SciFi adventure where men with hats and shades secretly rule our lives, a bit like the CIA and FBI do! Oooookaaay. Hang on, they don’t rule everybody’s lives cos there are too many people in the world for them to do that. Oooookaaay. Oh and there are some things they are not responsible for because occasionally “chance” has something to do with it. Ooooo – And the people that control them don’t really understand why they are doing it, but like muppets in the matrix, they continue to do what they do until one day they witness real emotion.. Oh the real emotion where a guy meets a girl and “kisses properly” with her and…..

I kid you not. The script is just as appalling as the ill thought out excuse for a storyline. And with such a brilliant cast line up and such a promising premise, you can imagine how gutted I was when I discovered that the only real thread of a storyline keeping this film standing was a simple love story. Boring. And neither was the love-story something I really cared about. Love stories in films involving famous actors rarely work as we know the actors better than we know the characters and so are incapable of engaging any empathy. So, in the end, it just looks like two celebrities having a snog cos all the lights have turned blue! And cue saxophone!

And I thought this was going to be a great piece of Sci-Fi, not some sentimental slush! Shame! DVD release is the 4th July 2011. The Adjustment Bureau [DVD]


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