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As the nights are drawing darker and colder who would blame anyone for wanting to get their film fix from the comfort of their own home. So like my previous review, The Conversation, here’s another classic again set in the streets of San Francisco.

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The Conversation

The film has a clever way of being simple, subtle and subliminal and yet so very captivating, complex and conniving

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Glengarry Glen Ross

This 1992 film from David Mamets Pulitzer prize winning play from 1984 shows it’s age. Set in a Chicago real-estate office, it’s salesmen are given the ultimate deadline. The first to pull in a closing sale wins a car, the second wins a set of steak knives and the third gets the sack (There are Click here to read more…

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Though not the most original of ideas, this 1992 biopic of Charles Spencer Chaplin sees Chaplin (Robert Downey Jr) recounting his life to a biographer (Anthony Hopkins) from his last home in Switzerland. It follows his childhood success in Music Hall to his move to America and his ultimate life changing summons from Mack Sennett Click here to read more…

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Sexy Beast

This classic from FilmFour tells the story of Cal (Ray Winstone) an ex bank robber who has retired to Spain, but gets contacted to do one last job. He’s ready to say “No”, but when he hears that Don Logan is coming over in person to “persuade” him , a heavy Eastenders atmosphere descends. Cue Click here to read more…

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This classic from FilmFour is about a frustrated penniless writer who¬†reluctantly takes¬†a job as a croupier only to find his experiences at the casino helps him with his writers’ block. Heavily narrated throughout as if reading from a book, we follow our protaganist Jack Manfred (Clive Owen) as he expertly trips through the minefield of Click here to read more…

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The French Connection

Adapted from the book The French Connection by Robin Moore, this film won a whole host of awards after its release in 1971 including 5 Oscars – Best Picture, Best Director (William Friedkin), Best Screenplay (Ernest Tidyman), Best Film Editing (Gerald B Greenberg) and Best Actor for Gene Hackman who plays Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle, a Click here to read more…

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Les Diaboliques

Rated at number 4 on the imdb horror chart I very nearly gave up on this film. But my perseverance was rewarded eventually with some classic suspense and thriller that, rumour has it, inspired Hitchcock’s approach to Psycho. Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot, it tells the story of how a woman and her husband’s mistress kill Click here to read more…

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The Thing

Kurt Russell stars in John Carpenters’ remake of the 1951 classic, though it is actually more widely recognised as an alternative adaptation of JW Campbell Jnr’s “Who goes there?“. This version is set in US laboratory in the Antarctic (not the North Pole) and is home to a team of researchers who are victims of Click here to read more…

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Barry Lyndon

Based on the 1844 novel by William Makepeace Thackeray, the story chronicles the rise and fall of Irishman Redmond Barry (Ryan O’Neal). His ascent in society through a mixture of luck and deviousness finds him rubbing shoulders with the aristocracy. He eventually finds himself husband to a wealthy and beautiful widow, father to newborn son Click here to read more…

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