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Safe House

Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) mans a secret safe house/interrogation chamber for the CIA. His life both professionally and personally is about as buoyant as an anchor dragging along the sea bed. One day, the notorious bad egg Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) is brought to the safe house for interrogation and water boarding. Some “terrorists” arrive, Click here to read more…

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Ryan Gosling plays a stuntman and getaway driver who falls for his neighbour Irene (played by Brit Actress Carey Mulligan), whose husband is in prison. On his release, the husband has a hangover of trouble and debt, which Goslings character (who is only ever known as “The Driver”) attempts to help him out of, by Click here to read more…

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The Adjustment Bureau

“Wow” I thought. Matt Damon, he of a Bourne Identity with Emily Blunt, English actress (wave flag) of Devil Wears Prada (I preferred “Sunshine Cleaning”) fame – in a SciFi adventure where men with hats and shades secretly rule our lives, a bit like the CIA and FBI do! Oooookaaay. Hang on, they don’t rule Click here to read more…

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