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Kingsmen – The Secret Service

Anyone who is old enough to remember life before the internet can probably remember a time when James Bond films were fairly formulaic (as I explained in my review of Skyfall) But of late, the movies have matured and become more complex, leaving some pining for the good old days. Enter Kingsmen The Secret Service Click here to read more…

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3 Days To Kill

There has been a fashion, which has recently spiked in popularity, of mixing what would otherwise seem odd combinations into winning (and therefore original) formulas. Last year for my birthday I enjoyed the signature dish at Londons “Duck And Waffle” which was precisely that plus a fried egg and maple syrup. It sounds wrong but Click here to read more…

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The World’s End

Gary King (Simon Pegg) has been unable to move on in life since he was in his late teens – the glory years! He still drives his car, The Beast, still listens to the same cassette compilation tape and still lives in his home village of New Haven. During a group therapy session, he becomes Click here to read more…

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As the nights are drawing darker and colder who would blame anyone for wanting to get their film fix from the comfort of their own home. So like my previous review, The Conversation, here’s another classic again set in the streets of San Francisco.

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Superman: Man Of Steel

The trouble with big industries like the music industry and Hollywood studios is that they stick with what works. This lack of adaptation is their Achilles heal. And what’s worse is their stubbornness to believe that they may not always be right. Anyone with a computer can have a crack at making a film or Click here to read more…

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Star Trek: Into Darkness

I am still reeling about how one ticket, a drink and popcorn could cost me £24.85 and I still have to sit through half an hour of advertising but that’s exactly what happened this afternoon at the Vue Cinema (formerly Apollo) on Piccadilly Circus. I had considered the venue the best in London last year, Click here to read more…

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I’m hard pushed to think of any franchise, even Rocky, that has reached number 23 and yet Bond is back for just such gruelling treatment. Directed by Sam Mendes, the film was almost not made after MGM hit major financial troubles and had to suspend the project. But today finally saw its general release here Click here to read more…

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The Dark Knight Rises

The previous film in the Nolan Batman trilogy was called The Dark Knight. Just like it’s title this movie has 25% new additional content and 75% the same old guff. That about sums it up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret having watched the film. But, like a James Bond, the franchise is now Click here to read more…

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As I was leaving the Imax after watching a midnight showing of Prometheus last night, there was lively, nay angry chatter from some of the audience members. One chap even exclaimed at the top of his voice that the experience had been worse than Star Wars – The Phantom Menace. I was instantly reminded of Click here to read more…

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Johnny English Reborn

There have been many successful films whose legacies have been diluted by their appalling sequels. Superman, Ghostbusters and Blues Brothers to name a few. But occasionally a film’s sequel can be better than the first. The only problem with this is that the film is often approached with trepidation and a sense of dread – Click here to read more…

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