The Tourist

It beggars belief that I am writing this review after wasting 1 1/2 hours of my precious time on this film, but I feel it is my responsibility as a reviewer to save others from similarly wasting valuable paint drying time. On the surface it looks vaguely promising. Elise (Jolie) after receiving a mysterious note in a Parisian Cafe, picks up Frank (Depp) on a train to Venice. He is to act as an unwitting decoy for her ‘on the run’ lover who has stolen billions from the Russian mafia and is wanted by both them and the police. What follows is a farcical chase around Venice in the style of Benny Hill leaving you unsure whether to call an ambulance because you’re laughing so much at how bad this film is or demand your money back.

The plot is as thin as clingfilm and dialogue so vomit worthy it takes cliche to whole new levels. Neither Depp nor Jolie can bring any substance to this tripe and I simply can’t believe that they are so desperate for money that they would have agreed to be involved in this nonsense – sack your agents! I think you get my drift. Under no circumstances see this film. I can hardly bear to do this but I will give it one star for Angelina’s outfits.

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