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Jason Bourne

Jason BourneYes, it's been more than a while since the last film review. I haven't been to the cinema since the new Star Wars last December. So I was hoping for a treat when I booked to see the new Jason Bourne film titled..."Jason Bourne" After the Bourne trilogy, Damon famously stated he would not return as Bourne saying "We have ridden that horse as far as we can." Anyway, that wasn't to be and he's back. We join Bourne who's still [more]

Kingsmen - The Secret Service

Kingsmen - The Secret ServiceAnyone who is old enough to remember life before the internet can probably remember a time when James Bond films were fairly formulaic (as I explained in my review of Skyfall) But of late, the movies have matured and become more complex, leaving some pining for the good old days. Enter Kingsmen The Secret Service - a fairly camp rendition of the romantic MI5 we all wished did exist. Kingsmen is a tailors on Savile Row, but enter the right dressing [more]

The Inbetweeners 2

The Inbetweeners 2I can't believe it was just over 3 years ago when I reviewed the first Inbetweeners movie. It appeared to be a suitable finale to what was a very popular TV series on UK's Channel 4. And the film had been a huge success. Then there was rumour and speculation - there was going to be another? But surely they'd have graduated from Uni by now? (Thankfully, the "gap year" saves the mathematical dilemma here) Would it be a sequel [more]


InterstellerThese days when you watch a trailer you more or less see a mini version of the whole film. Indeed the trailer for this film makes the film look rather plain and I was in two minds whether to go and see it. (After all, you may have noticed that since fatherhood at the start of the year reviews have been few and scarce and there's a good reason for that - ask any new parent, they'll tell you. Needless [more]

3 Days To Kill

3 Days To KillThere has been a fashion, which has recently spiked in popularity, of mixing what would otherwise seem odd combinations into winning (and therefore original) formulas. Last year for my birthday I enjoyed the signature dish at Londons "Duck And Waffle" which was precisely that plus a fried egg and maple syrup. It sounds wrong but it was delicious. One can't help thinking about all the disastrous combinations that may have been tried and never made it past the test stage. [more]

On The Waterfront

On The WaterfrontThis Oscar winner from 1954 is set in the docks near Manhattan and tells the story of Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando), a dockworker who lives a humdrum existence accepting casual low paid work at the docks and spending the rest of his time keeping [more]

Saving Mr Banks

Saving Mr BanksDisney brings us this film about the making of its film Mary Poppins. The story, presumably based on anecdotal and early spooled recordings of the early development stages depicted in the film, tells of the hot cold relationship between Walt Disney himself (Tom Hanks) and the writer of Mary Poppins Pamela L Travers (Emma Thompson), a woman more English and stern sounding than the original voice of the speaking clock or indeed the woman who voices the elevator at Belsize [more]

Captain Phillips

Captain PhillipsBased on a true story published in the book "A Captain's Duty:Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS and Dangerous Days At Sea" by Captain Richard Phillips, the film tells the account of how his cargo ship, the US Maersk Alabama was hijacked in 2009 by a handful of Somali pirates and he himself later kidnapped by them in a emergency lifeboat and held hostage whilst the US Navy pursued. Tom Hanks plays our eponymous hero whom isn't too romantically portrayed. Indeed, you [more]

The World's End

The World's End Gary King (Simon Pegg) has been unable to move on in life since he was in his late teens - the glory years! He still drives his car, The Beast, still listens to the same cassette compilation tape and still lives in his home village of New Haven. During a group therapy session, he becomes convinced that the root to his troubles was his inability to complete "the golden mile" - an epic pub crawl which appears to be [more]

The Conjuring

The ConjuringIf you've never seen a horror film in your life then I'd say give this one a whirl. But horror connoisseurs will find this film frustratingly predictable as it appears to feast off every cliche in the [more]


BullittAs the nights are drawing darker and colder who would blame anyone for wanting to get their film fix from the comfort of their own home. So like my previous review, The Conversation, here's another classic again set in the streets of San [more]

The Conversation

The ConversationThe film has a clever way of being simple, subtle and subliminal and yet so very captivating, complex and [more]

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa East Anglia has produced many, many famous faces but none (bar Delia Smith and the people who make Colmans mustard though theoretically they're not a face, they're a condiment) could be more famous than Alan "A-ha" Partridge. The former DJ turned sports presenter turned chat-show host turned motivational speaker turned DJ again for North Norfolk Digital has finally turned film star with his very own film in which he stars. Rumoured to be ten years in the making (though [more]

Superman: Man Of Steel

Superman: Man Of SteelThe trouble with big industries like the music industry and Hollywood studios is that they stick with what works. This lack of adaptation is their Achilles heal. And what's worse is their stubbornness to believe that they may not always be right. Anyone with a computer can have a crack at making a film or producing music these days. And these people are less dependant on formula as the studios. In other words, their ideas are often original. The latest in [more]

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek: Into DarknessI am still reeling about how one ticket, a drink and popcorn could cost me £24.85 and I still have to sit through half an hour of advertising but that's exactly what happened this afternoon at the Vue Cinema (formerly Apollo) on Piccadilly Circus. I had considered the venue the best in London last year, but the change of ownership since Vue purchased the chain in May 2012 has had a significantly negative impact on the venue. I for one [more]

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